Steel Supplier

Steel is used in almost every industry throughout the world. The automotive industry uses steel to manufacture car parts including engines, transmissions and car bodies. Steel is utilized extensively in ships, submarines and airplanes. Manufacturers use it for household appliances, contractors use it daily in the construction industry and it’s a large component that constitutes the energy sector pipelines turbines and transformers.

At Bekker Steel, we offer competitive prices on carbon steel products, including hot and cold rolled bars, sheets, etc. We supply our customers with an enormous line of carbon steel products, full stainless range and wear plate all stored indoors and prime material. Through our core values, we have gained great service reputation as a top stainless steel supplier in South Africa, as well as gained trust from our customers. This has been the pivot for our success, and one that we continuously strive to improve on and further expand.

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Constantly innovating our processes to meet demand.

Upgrading software

Creating equipment to streamline our work flow.

Incorporating work flow systems.

Job tracking software etc.